Case Search

Search Function

To find an active or recently closed case, you can enter the following keywords in the search field:

  • Property location (street address)
  • Municipality
  • Legislation (Act, section)
  • OLT Case Number
  • Reference Number

You can add an asterisk (*) at the beginning of your keyword to make partial searches. For example, searching *Yonge will bring up any addresses containing the street name “Yonge”.

Please note that only “Lead cases” will be displayed. Please search using the “Lead” case number (not a related case number). 

If you are searching for a newly filed appeal, please note that depending on the type of appeal, it may have been filed directly with the Municipality or other Approval Authority (the legislation directs where an appeal is to be filed). The case will appear below once the appeal is received and processed by the Tribunal, which, depending on the volume of appeals received at a given time, may take a number of weeks.

If you cannot find the case you are looking for, please contact us. We thank you for your patience as we continue our transition to our new case management system.


You can sort any column alphabetically by clicking on the column heading:

  • Case Number: Case number assigned by the OLT
  • Legacy Case Number: Case number previously assigned by a predecessor Tribunal (i.e. Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, Environmental Review Tribunal, Conservation Review Board, Mining and Lands Tribunal)
  • Case Title
  • Property Address
  • Reference Number: If applicable, as assigned by the municipality
  • Act
  • Section
  • Status:
    • Intake: Received and being processed by the OLT
    • Pre-merit hearing: Upcoming pre-merit hearing scheduled for case (such as a Case Management Conference or a Motion)
    • Merit hearing: Upcoming hearing of the merits scheduled for case
    • Controlled Activity/Closure: Action Required by Parties
    • Final Order: Final order issued for case
    • Post-Decision: A decision has issued but the case is not yet closed
    • Re-opened: Case recently re-opened
    • Closed: Case closed by Tribunal following final order, withdrawal, or other resolution.

Case Information Page Features

Case Details

This area provides specific information about the case, including the case and municipal reference number, status of the case, and the OLT case coordinator assigned to the case and their contact information.

Case Details

Hearing and Decision Information

This area provides information regarding past* and upcoming hearing events, including the date, type of hearing event, hearing method, and any decisions issued.

To search for a decision, double-click on the event number under the ‘View Decision(s)’ column or on the arrow beside the ‘Hearing Location’ column. If you do not see a decision for an event, the event may not have been held yet or the decision has not yet been issued. 

If you have trouble accessing a decision or have further questions about a case, please contact us.

* Please note that, for some older cases, not all past events may be available to be displayed.